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Welcome to the "WORLD OF MEDIALINGUISTICS"! Here one can find scientific resources related to media discourse studies. At the moment scientific publications are available here only in Russian.


Media Linguistic Comission of the International Slavisists Congress together with the Department of Speech Communication of the "Higher School of Journalism and Mass Communication" (St. Petersburg State University) invite you to take part in the III International scientific seminar "Speech genres in mass media" on 21 March 2013 at St. Petersburg, Russia.

The seminar aims to consolidate the research efforts of representatives from different schools of medialinguistics, strengthening of scientific and educational relations between the special departments of various cities of Russia and foreign countries.

We offer the following questions to discuss at the seminar

The process of new genres creation in mass media

Typology of media genres

Speech genre as a stylistic phenomenon

Corellation between the primary and secondary speech genres

Genre forms and types of content

Speech genre as a type of media text

Genealogy of the contemporary system of speech genres

Genres in virtual communication

Applications for workshops and lectures at the conference are admitted.


The papers (up to 6 thousand symbols) are provided by the Organizing Committee before the 1st of February 2013 in a .doc file by e-mail.

• Format - A4.

• Edges - 2 cm on all sides.

• Font - Times New Roman.

• Size - 14.

• Line spacing - 1.5.

• Indentation - 1.25.

• Orientation – portrait, without pages, without syllabifications, preferably without footnotes.

• Equation editor – Microsoft Office.

• Graphs, tables and pictures – black and white, no color fill. Allowed to hatch.

• First name, last name of author(s), full title of organization (university) – on the left, italic, lowercase. Next – text of the article – full justification.

• Title of the article – in the center, not indented, in capital letters.


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