Новый учебный год 2022/23!

Application process

! Please note that all the application process is to be fully completed online.

Application period of 2016 starts on March, 1. But we recommend you to apply not earlier than March, 4 taking into account a testing period. To apply for the program, you need to use the special online service called ‘Personal Account’ (‘Личный Кабинет’). After registering at the service here, you will be able to upload your document sets to your Personal Account (please click the 'English version' at the upper right corner of the page). You need to upload two sets of documents.

Necessary documents

Your first document set is application documents. As stated in the Agreement on the GCIJ Co-Master program, they include:

English-language application (the form will be provided upon registration in the Personal Account);

Copy of your ID that would state your nationality/residence;

Your photograph (300 dpi) made during the current calendar year;

Original (or a duly certified copy) of your Bachelor/Specialist diploma in your home language OR Original (or a duly certified copy) of your full academic record (‘академическая справка’) in your home language;

English-language certified transcript (or English-language original) of your Bachelor/Specialist diploma OR English-language certified transcript (or English-language original) of your full academic record (‘академическая справка’).

The addition to this set, as agreed by the two Universities, is your CV. Please do not forget to attach it to your Personal Account. The CV is written in free form; please try to be concise and do not let it flow over 2 standard pages. We advise that it contain your education credentials, working experience, professional achievements, professional interests, your competitive advantages, and contacts.

Your second set of documents is your portfolio that will be assessed within your first entry exam (see ‘ENTRY EXAMS’).

As stated in the Agreement on the GCIJ Co-Master program, it includes:

a 1-to-2-page motivation letter;

your academic record (diploma or transcript – already provided within application document set);

your English language proof (TOEFL, IELTS, or Cambridge ESOL: FCE/CAE)

as compulsory parts.

It may also include your academic portfolio, professional portfolio in media, and proof of your other achievements. For more details, please go to the ‘ENTRY EXAMS’ part of our website.

The two sets are to be provided within the same procedure in your Personal Account. You will be able to alter the document sets within the application period (before May 30-31, 2016).

! Please note that getting an English language proficiency certificate may take over two months, so please be sure you have a certificate by June, 2016.

Important deadlines

The closing date for submission of applications is May 30-31, 2016.