Новый учебный год 2022/23!


General information

All the application, exam, and enrollment procedures are equal-opportunity for both Russian and non-Russian residents.

Immatriculation to state-funded places for non-Russians (so-called 'goslinia' places) takes place via Ministry of Science and Education; this results into a demand of earlier supply of the documents necessary for enrollment, as the University will have to present them to the Ministry in order to get the places filled in.

Immatriculation to Freie Universität Berlin takes place on the basis of the information (exam ratings) provided by SPbU in due time (not later than August 8).

The competition for state-funded places for Russians, state-funded places for non-Russian residents, and paid-for places for applicants of any residence constitutes three different tracks with three separate ratings by which the committee's decision on enrollment will be taken. Thus, we advise that you apply for both state-funded and commercial places in order to keep you on track even if you do not pass the state-funded entry rate. This demands submitting your documents twice via Personal Account.

When applying to SPbU, you have a right to apply to up to 5 Master programs. Thus, when applying, you will have to choose the priority order of the programs. Please note that you will not be able to change the priority order after the application period closes, and you will be enrolled to SPbU according to this order. Thus, we advise that you choose GCIJ as your first priority (as we hope that it is really so).

State-funded places for Russians

There are 5 places available for the Russian residents on the state-funded basis. You do not need to provide any additional documents to apply for a state-funded place besides the documents stated in ‘HOW TO APPLY’ and ‘ENTRY EXAMS’ sections of our website.

State-funded places for foreigners (the ‘goslinia’ places)

Each year, the Russian state allocates a certain number of state-funded places in universities for students who reside outside Russia. This is called ‘state line’, or ‘goslinia’. This is a good chance for non-residents to enter our program, as we have 10 ‘goslinia’ places allocated for the program, which is, indeed, a lot.

As parity between Russian, German and third-party applicants for the program is fixed by the inter-university Agreement, each of the three groups get 5 state-funded places. This means that 5 of 10 ‘goslinia’ places are primarily allocated for German students and other 5 of 10 for third-party students, but this is not that rigid. We aim at having a really international studentship. In order to apply for a ‘goslinia’ place, please follow the instructions set in ‘HOW TO APPLY’ section of our website. Please note that the 10 ‘goslinia’ places are allocated directly to the Master program bypassing the special Federal Agency (‘Rossotrudnichestvo’) which takes care of the majority of the ‘goslinia’ applications in Russia .

If you read Russian you may wish to look at the SPbU web page that describes the inter-state agreements on ‘goslinia’. To get more information in English, please go to the special section of the SPbU website. In case you have any queries, please contact Natalia Rat'kovskaya via admission@spbu.ru.

Paid-for places

Commercial (paid-for, or contractual) places also exist on the program, but we consider them really low-cost. There are three reasons for that.

First, the inter-university Agreement fixed the semester price: 90,000 Russian roubles. This figure is really low in comparison with other University prices, especially considering present currency rates. As you will be paying in roubles, the currency which is now more or less volatile, the exact figure may be subject to recalculation due to currency inflation since 2014 (but not over the inflation rates). As for March 2015, 90,000 roubles equaled approximately 1,400 euro.

Second, German semesters are completely free-of-charge even for paid-for students! This means that you pay only for Semester 1, 3 and 4 (or just Semester 1 and 3 if you choose to go to Berlin for your Master thesis). The only thing you pay to Freie Universität Berlin is your ‘semester fees and contributions’ of circa 300 euro that include public transportation costs in Berlin (for details on semester fees and contributions please visit the official web-site of Freie Universität Berlin ). Please also note that FU students get discounts for canteen meals and public transportation.

Third, the price is the same for Russian and non-Russian residents, which is unusual for most European universities where foreigners sometimes pay two or three times more than domestic residents. Our policy is internationalization, and we really aim to see the best students applying to our program, this is why we have set the price at such a low level.

You do not need to provide any additional documents to apply for a paid-for place; just do not forget to tick the necessary boxes in your Personal Account profile.