Between high heels and higher education – today’s role of Russian Women
28 октября 2011

She had skin as white as snow, lips as red as blood and hair as black as ebony. And therefore “Snow White“ was the most beautiful woman all over the country. This is what a famous German fairy - tale tells since almost 200 years. In Russia, these characteristics count for the average woman, at least as far as the stereotype is still alive. How important is beauty for today's Russian Women? What is so great about high heels? And how does it feel to be a Lesbian woman in Russia?

This program was produced within an intensive radio course from 24th till 28th October 2011 at the Faculty of Journalism. Correspondents were Katrin Herms, Anja Willner, Jan-Ole Niermann, Yanxin Zhaou and Amund Trellevik. Our editor-in-chief was Pauline Tillmann, supported by Ruslan Bekurov. And special thanks to our wonderful technical support by Maria Bykova.

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