German-Russian workshop on diversity, migration and journalism

“Comparing Media beyond the Nation State” German-Russian workshop on diversity, migration and journalism took place in Berlin the first week of May. Media and communication researchers from Saint Petersburg State University and Freie Universität Berlin, who have been collaborating fruitfully for over five years already, got together in the German capital to look for the new specific research projects capable of being funded and carried out in the nearest future.

The workshop was not confined to academic networking and research designing as master students of the Global Communication and International Journalism double degree Master Program were invited to participate. The program was launched by the two universities in 2014 and the first cohort of students have now come to Freie Universitaet having completed their first semester at SPbU. “We are very much enthusiastic about our new group, it is a great pleasure to teach them”, - FU Institute for Media and Communication Studies Executive Director Professor Barbara Pfetsch emphasised in her welcoming speech.

Discussions and presentations covered research opportunities open for the media scholars nowadays ranging from “Regional Press Diversity in Germany and Austria” to “Mediatization of Discussion on Migrants”, “Media Appropriation of Political Conflicts”, or “Ethnic Media as Actors in the Public Sphere”. “The seminar was a perfect educational opportunity, an interdisciplinary class for us, full of insights into the field we are about to enter”, - Evgeniia Sinepol, a student, reports.

Originally written for the Facebook page of FU Berlin. Photos: Annika Middeldorf, Saskia Sell

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28 июня 2015