Leadership programme on technology shifts, innovation processes and sustainable development

The LEAD programme is intended for future leaders and change makers who want to know more about concepts like the Anthropocene, resilience thinking, exponential technologies and how they relate to sustainability and human wellbeing.

The programme is structured around three learning modules and three webinars. The learning modules will take place mainly at the Stockholm Resilience Centre in Stockholm (Sweden) and in Tallinn (Estonia).

5-9 October 2014: Module 1 - Resilience Thinking & Exponential Technologies

9-12 November 2014: Module 2 - Deep dive into Social-Ecological Systems Thinking & Cognitive research

8-11 December 2014: Module 3 - Resilient Prototyping & Presentations

There are no tuition fees.

How to apply

You must fill in the online form and submit it no later than midnight CEST time (Central European Summer Time) 18 August 2014.

By submitting the form you confirm your availability to attend all modules in person, take part in the online seminars (webinars) and work on the group project to which you are selected.

Make sure you answer all the questions in the application form and either submit your LinkedIn profile link or send your updated CV by e-mail.

All information should be submitted in English.

For more information, please contact: fernanda.torre@su.se or maja.brisvall@su.se

Source: www.stockholmresilience.org/21/education/leadership-programme.html

2 июля 2014