Call for Newsspotters: Write your local news to a European-wide news portal

To raise cultural awareness and promote the Baltic Sea Region, the project One Baltic Sea Region (ONE BSR) is looking for newsspotters to identify and edit compelling local news for the newsWave portal.

Join the newsWave Community

newsWave is a daily news portal monitoring interesting common topics in the 10 countries surrounding the Baltic Sea. The newsWave website is free of charge, and all posts and information are written in English.

Becoming a Newsspotter

Newsspotters are talented communicators living in the Baltic Sea Region who want to contribute their perspectives on local and regional topics. Newsspotters need to have good English writing skills and be committed to reporting news on a regular basis.

Benefits of being a Newsspotter

Although newsspotting is voluntary, a broad range of skills can be obtained and improved upon in the process: newsspotters will improve their English skills, receive evaluation on their writing by professional journalists, and build a record of articles which they can provide to future employers. Becoming a newsspotter is a great opportunity not just to build bridges in the Baltic Sea Region through journalism and research, but to help raise awareness of the region’s culture, commonalities and differences.

General Requirements

- Have passion for the news from their country

- Interest in writing and news-reporting

- Have good English writing skills

- Live in one of the Baltic Sea Region nations


Please send an email to the editor Dan Axel, dax(at), with your CV, one paragraph explaining why you would like to be a newsspotter, and one example of your previous work – all of these must be in English. Applicants will then be guided by and come to an agreement with the editor, and will proceed to write their news extracts for the website.

For examples of previous news articles, visit the newsWave website:

For questions please contact:

Dan Axel, Baltic Development Forum



The ONE BSR project ( is an umbrella project, within the framework of the Baltic Sea Region Programme and the EU strategy for the Baltic Sea Region, for branding the Baltic Sea Region, with which various stakeholders can get attached. It aims to produce elements for the Baltic Sea Region image and identity.

19 марта 2014