Public sphere and new media

Public sphere and new media


Kurysheva, Y.V.

Potolokova, M.O.

In: European Journal of Science and Theology. Volume 11, Issue 4, 2015, Pages 73-81


This article gives a new theoretical approach to the understanding of contemporary public sphere creation and the role of new media. Since Habermas wrote his first ideas, much time has passed. New information technology gives birth to the new type of audience, new type of social interaction. New communication possibilities have affected to the communication system. Mass media functions have changed as well. All of these changes require analysis. We based this article on the Habermasian public sphere ideas and new media characteristics. Democratic public sphere are possible only in special circumstances while new media gives them. Combining these two claims we have analyzed the theoretical structure of public sphere in the new media environment and have proposed some corrections to the public sphere structure. © 2015, Ecozone, OAIMDD. All right reserved.


Functions; Information technology; New media; Public sphere

7 декабря 2015


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