Noopolitical aspect of political defamation

Noopolitical aspect of political defamation


Nikonov, S.B.

Baichik, A.V.

Puiy, A.S.

Labush, N.S.

In: European Journal of Science and Theology, Volume 11, Issue 5, 2015, Pages 265-274


In conditions of changing world order, the leading states, represented by the political elite, faced the choice, to either participate independently in international processes management, or take the part of one of the states, expanding its influence far beyond the territory. The events of the last years brought home the significant role of the use of ‘soft power’ in achieving the goals of foreign politics and defending the national interests, what requires new understanding of information supports of state activities in the international arena. There is the non-nonsense fight between the states. It is considered that with the breakup of the Soviet Union, one state - the USA - took the information field. However, weakening its attention and switching to the solution of its problems, the other political subjects came to this informational field. In order to consolidate themselves in this field, the states produce their own informational strategies. The article suggests determining noopolitics, as the informational strategy, with following possibilities to reveal real purposes of sides in information confrontation, as well as the methods, used in it. The notion of ‘political defamation’ is introduced into scientific use; it allows characterizing the orientation of actions of the mass media.

7 декабря 2015


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