The scientific periodical "Information Age" invites researchers in the fields of journalism, mass communications and media to collaboration

The scientific periodical "Information Age" (“Век информации”) invites researchers in the fields of journalism, mass communications and media to collaboration.

"Information Age" was registered in the Centre International de l ISSN) since 2012, it has the International standard serial number ISSN 2306-417X. School of Journalism and Mass Communications (SJMC), St Petersburg State University is an official publisher of the journal.

At least 4 issues are published every year, first of all in a print version while free open access archive is included in Russian Science Citation Index (RSCI) on a platform of Scientific Electronic Library (; the official site of SJMC also provides free open access ( Besides, "Information Age" may be found on resources of a few professional associations in Russia and in abroad.

The journal sections cover the main thematic questions of journalism and media, related to history, theory, current functioning, regulation and others. In special issues, "Information Age" also publishes papers of international conferences organized by School of Journalism and Mass Communications. Editorial board has such purposes, as: formation of the favorable information environment in sphere of journalism, media and mass communications; maintenance of an exchange with the scientific information between researchers of journalism, media and mass communications in Russia and in the world; information support of scientific search and new research projects. Accordingly, creative ideas, investigative results and discussions are welcomed, in forms of articles, reports, book reviews, etc. The journal is highly interested in cooperation and exchange with other periodicals in the media research field.

Editorial council under leadership of SJMC Director Anatoly Puyu consists of well-known media researchers from Russia, Great Britain, US, Slovakia and Poland. Professor Sergey Korkonosenko is editor-in-chief of the journal, Professor Boris Misonzhnikov acts as managing editor. The great group of professors from leading universities of the different countries agreed to be reviewers of submissions. Editorial board follows a double-blind peer review process for high quality of articles; for submissions both Russian and English languages are available. There is no submission fee for "Information Age". Articles should be sent to the journal secretary Egor Korolev on, with a mark "Information Age" (“Век информации”). All standards and conditions are described on the "Information Age" net page; direct contacts with editorial staff also are available and welcomed.

Sergey Korkonosenko
"Information Age" editor-in-chief